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The Legacy
the del zotto legacyThe legacy of Lino Del Zotto became the responsibility of his son, David. As a child, David watched, worked and learned under his father's tutelage. The work ethic and sense of commitment became second nature. After earning a degree in Construction Technology David joined his father full time. Lino insured David's success as a builder by guiding him through the entire process. Concrete work, framing and all the hard labor aspects of building were hammered into David's 40 years of experience.

David has masterfully balanced the company between the best of tried an true building skills and state-of-the-art technology.

the del zotto craftsmanshipCraftsmanship of uncompromised quality and distinction is a lofty goal. With a noble history spanning more than 75 years, Lino Del Zotto & Son Builders is one company that can truly lay claim to achieving it. It has been this way ever since Italian immigrant Lino Del Zotto entered the construction trade as a tender youth, armed only with initiative and an intrinsic work ethic.

Lino literally and figuratively built upon the lessons he learned initially as a mason, first applying them to home construction in 1945. His work was more than a trade... more than an art... it was a reflection of his character... his best contribution to the exchange between builder and homeowner. This impeccable standard carries on through his son, David and has become the benchmark for the company's success. The finest materials coupled with excellence in execution delight homeowners year after year.

More than half a century later, the first homes Lino constructed stand in excellent condition - an enduring testament to his commitment. When resale ads say "a Del Zotto-built home," it is the only quality check a buyer needs.

The Del Zotto Difference
the delzotto difference"Built by Del Zotto" was synomonous with owner satisfaction. Today, "Built by Del Zotto" continues to be the benchmark for the quality assurance in custom homes. David understands that it's more than a house that he's building. It's family gatherings around the fireplace. It's comfort and respite. It's more than a house... it's a home that owners can only appreciate fully after years and years.

Experience the enduring pleasure of living in a home that was constructed as meticulously as if for the builder. Enjoy the peace-of-mind and joy that hundreds of homeowners have experienced with Lino Del Zotto & Son builders. Two generations of distinctive craftsmanship insures life-long appreciation for the uncompromised quality of Del Zotto built homes.

David Del Zotto is a family man, craftsman, businessman and citizen widely respected by his peers. He was a dynamic member of his local planning board for 17 years and vigorous president of his local home builders association. Nationally, he has served as a director of the National Association of Homebuilders and currently is a Regent for Oral Roberts University. He has won awards in the regional Parade of Homes and numerous merit awards. A man of integrity, he does not compromise when it comes to fulfilling his commitments to his customers and his community.

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